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Our mission is to empower you with AI knowledge, guiding you to understand its capabilities and navigate its impact on your life.

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#1: Computer Vision, AI, ML

AI’s Journey: From Object Recognition To Artistic Appreciation With Dr. David G. Stork
Dr. David G. Stork – Scientist, author, and innovator
1. The impact of deep neural networks on AI and machine learning. How AI aids art scholars by analyzing paintings. 2. Using symbolic mathematics and computer-assisted techniques for precise problem-solving. 3. Advocating for intentional use of computers while developing personal skills and understanding.
Discover how AI revolutionizes our understanding of fine art, enhances scholars’ interpretations, and provides valuable insights into complex artistic elements. Tune in for the details.

#2: AI & Web3 Technology, Art, NFTs, Startups, Innovation, & Creative Technology

Mastering Midjourney With Galen Oakes Of Future Factory
Galen Oakes – Creative Director at Future Factory

1. How AI & web3 s incorporated into the art world.
2. The intersection of AI art with the NFT market.
3. The role of startups in innovating with web3 and AI technologies.

Get expert insights on creating mesmerizing AI art, exploring the intersection of creativity and technology, and envisioning the future impact of AI in art and innovation. Tune in to find out more.

#3: AI, Art and Technology, Space Exploration and AI

Can AI Achieve Enlightenment? Exploring Machine Consciousness
Charles Lindsay – Founder of SETI AIR
1. AI consciousness and enlightenment. 2. The intersection of art, technology, and AI. 3. Future of the relationship between humans and AI. 4. Leveraging AI technology creatively.
Find out about AI’s potential for consciousness, the intersections of art and technology, and creative AI applications. Tune in for details!

#4: AI, Cybersecurity and Fraud Detection, Digital Environments

AI vs. AI In The Fight Against Deep Fakes
Joris Mollinga – Co-Founder of Duck Duck Goose

1. Deepfakes
2. Trust & autonomy in the Digital Environment
3. Deep Fake Detection Software

Gain valuable insights into the ongoing battle against deepfake videos and images, and discover how Duck Duck Goose is paving the way for trust and authenticity in AI tech. Tune in to learn more.

#5: Technology and AI, Tech Market & Funding, Enterprise Operations

NVIDIA Dominates, ChatGPT Goes Enterprise & Uber Gets Yummy AI Chatbot

1. Latest Technology and AI News.
2. NVIDIA’s dominance in the tech market.
3. Ethical considerations in AI adoption.
4. Generative AI tools & chatbots.

Explore the cutting-edge tech and AI news in the Edge of AI Dispatch segment, offering rapid insights into NVIDIA’s dominance, funding milestones, and ethical considerations shaping AI adoption.

#6: AI regulation, AI efficiency, AI innovation, Creative Industry

Hollywood, Trust And The Future Of AI: Edge Of AI Launch Party Insights
1. Ramsay Brown – The AI Responsibility Lab 2. Jyo Deshmukh – USC’s Center for Autonomy & AI 3. Chris Coughlan – Artium 4. Les Borsai – Wave Financial 5. Rachel Joy Victor – FBRC.ai

1. AI’s Dual Nature
2. AI & Creativity
3. AI’s Integration

Join us on The Edge of AI’s launch party episode, where industry leaders explore the promises and uncertainties of AI. From public safety to the creative industry, hear insights from experts tackling the current state and future of AI, offering a compelling glimpse into its impact on our lives.

#7: AI, Visual Content Creation, Developer Knowledge-sharing, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Cloud Computing, & Social Media

ChatGPT Plugs into Canva, Stack Overflow Gets AI Upgrade & Google Catches AI Fakes
Yoav Shoham – AI21 Labs

1. OpenAI’s Canva plugin for ChatGPT
2. Stack Overflow’s OverflowAI platform
3. Google Cloud’s SynthID tool
4. X’s data privacy policy update

Dive into the latest AI and tech innovations on the Edge of AI Podcast, featuring OpenAI’s Canva plugin and Stack Overflow’s OverflowAI platform. Learn about impactful developments like stricter AI chip export controls and Google Cloud’s SynthID tool.

#8: AI, Audio Production, Creative Industries, & Fundraising

Empowering The Future Of AI Voices With Zohaib Ahmed Of Resemble AI
Zohaib Ahmed – Resemble AI

1. AI
2. ML
3. Audio Watermarking

Explore how AI is revolutionizing the creative industry. Learn about deep fake protection, regulation, machine learning, and more, and see how Resemble AI is transforming artistic expression.

#9: Healthcare, Tech, Social Media, Financing, SMEs

McKinsey & Salesforce Partner Up, Ibex Med Raises $55M & Meta Challenges ChatGPT

1. Ibex Medical Analytics’ funding.
2. McKinsey and Salesforce’s AI partnership.
3. Meta’s chatbot project.
Nvidia’s collaboration with Reliance Industries.
4. Introduction of AI models Falcon 180B and Tencent’s Hunyuan.
5. Intuit’s AI-powered financial assistant for SMEs.

Explore the latest tech developments, from Ibex Medical Analytics’ funding to Meta’s secretive chatbot project, in this episode of Edge of AI Dispatch. Discover groundbreaking AI models like Falcon 180B and Tencent’s Hunyuan, along with Intuit’s AI-powered financial assistant for SMEs.

10: AI, Animation, Web3, Tech, ML

From Code to Canvas: Toonstar’s AI Animation and Web3 Innovation with John Attanasio
John Attanasio – Toonstar

1. Web3 animation
2. The integration of AI & ML

Discover Toonstar’s cutting-edge Web3 animation, leading with “The Gimmicks” NFT project. With industry veterans and AI integration, they’re revolutionizing animation production and introducing Wellbecca, the first AI voice character, in “Space Junk”.

11: Technology, AI, Biomedicine, Data Analytics, & Software Development

Databricks’ $500M Boost, Google’s Gemini Gambit & Adobe’s Firefly Ignition

1. Databricks’ $500M funding
Generate: Biomedicines’ expansion plans
2. SQream’s GPU technology
Google’s “Gemini” as a competitor to GPT-4
3. Adobe’s commercial launch of Firefly AI
4. The impact of these innovations on the future of technology

Explore the latest in AI breakthroughs and funding, from Databricks’ $500M investment to Google’s “Gemini” challenging GPT-4, alongside SQream’s GPU tech and Adobe’s Firefly AI launch, shaping the future of technology.

12: E-commerce, Fashion, AI, & Technology

Social Fashion Driven By AI With Chris Schmidt Of Parallel
Chris Schmidt – Parallel
1. Challenges of online clothes shopping with size selection 2. Parallel’s AI solution for matching shoppers with clothes 3. Simulating in-person shopping experience online 4. Chris Schmidt’s insights on effective people management at Parallel
Discover how Parallel is transforming online clothes shopping with AI Join us to explore Parallel’s groundbreaking work and insights on effective people management, unlocking the future of fashion technology.

13: Technology, Cybersecurity, Marketing, Creative industries, Document management, AI solutions

Cisco Snags Splunk, OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, and Microsoft’s Copilot AI Debut

1. Cisco’s $28 billion acquisition of Splunk
2. Pryon’s $100 million funding round
3. Movable Ink’s Universal Data Activation
4. OpenAI’s DALL-E 3
5. Google’s AI chatbot Bard
6. Microsoft’s Copilot AI
7. Infosys’ collaboration with NVIDIA

Discover the latest in AI-driven innovations and investments. From Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk to Pryon’s funding round, explore how companies like Movable Ink, OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Infosys are shaping the future of AI across various industries.

14: Art, Music, Research, AI, & Creative industries

Intelligence: A Creative Interplay Of Natural And Machine Feat. Ars Electronica Award Winning AI Artisan Memo Akten, Ph.D.
Award Winning AI Artisan Memo Akten, Ph.D

1. Memo Akten’s use of AI as a creative tool
2. Various art forms created by Memo
3. AI’s influence on creativity and its parallels to human life
4. AI potentially surpassing humans, its impact on the creative industries, and the power of decentralization

Discover how Memo Akten, Ph.D., uses AI as a creative tool to reflect the human condition. Gain insights into AI’s impact on creativity, decentralization, and its parallels to human life in this fascinating episode.

15: Technology, AI, E-commerce, Social Media, & Software Development

Amazon’s $4B Anthropic Investment, Meta’s Studio, ChatGPT Updates

1. Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic
2. Meta’s AI Studio platform
3. OpenAI’s updates for ChatGPT
Implications, innovations, and impacts of these advancements in AI

Explore the latest AI advancements, from Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic to Meta’s AI Studio platform and OpenAI’s updates for ChatGPT, with insightful discussions and expert analysis on their implications and innovations.

16: Education, Technology, AI, E-commerce, Cryptocurrency & NFTs

Amplifying the Human Mind by the Millions – Get Ahead of AI with Shelly Palmer of Metacademy!
Shelly Palmer – Metacademy

1. AI education through Metacademy
2. Web3
3. The metaverse
4. AI possibilities
5. Advanced AI tools like ChatGPT
6. Amazon’s rumored NFTs

Explore AI education with Metacademy, covering Web3, the metaverse, and AI possibilities. Gain insights into advanced AI tools like ChatGPT and Amazon’s rumored NFTs, all in one insightful episode.

17: Finance (Visa), Technology (IBM, Microsoft, OpenAI), Food (Domino's), & Professional Networking (LinkedIn)

AI Gold Rush: Visa’s $100 Million Bet, IBM’s Cyber Sentry, and Domino’s Microsoft-Powered Pizza Revolution

1. Visa’s $100 million AI investment fund
2. IBM’s AI-powered security platform
3. Domino’s innovative generative AI partnership with Microsoft
4. OpenAI’s ambitious plan to develop AI chips
5. LinkedIn’s new AI features revolutionizing job search and networking

Discover the latest in tech and AI including Visa’s $100 million AI fund, IBM’s AI security platform, and Domino’s partnership with Microsoft. Explore OpenAI’s AI chip plans and LinkedIn’s innovative features revolutionizing job search and networking.

18: Art, AI

Pioneering AI Art Beyond Galleries: How Taste Trumps Tradition with Claire Silver
Claire Silver – AI Collaborative Artist

1. The impact of AI on art valuation
2. The dissolution of traditional skill barriers
3. Redefinition of taste as a defining skill
4. Implications of AI in the art world

Discover how AI is reshaping art valuation with insights from Claire Silver, an anonymous AI collaborative artist. Claire’s compelling perspective on AI’s impact on art and society makes her a prime candidate as a spokesperson for the industry.

19: Technology, AI, Data Software, Software Development, Content Creation, & Digital Imaging

Adobe’s Firefly 2, Klarna’s AI-driven Shopping App and China’s Rising Demand for AI Talent

1. Astra’s IPO reshaping the landscape of AI and data software
2. Anysphere securing $8 million in seed funding
Issuu’s AI-powered addition for Adobe
3. Express Adobe’s Firefly 2 Model

Tune in to the Edge of AI Podcast for the latest in tech and AI, including Astra’s IPO reshaping data software, Anysphere’s $8 million seed funding for their AI code editing platform, and Issuu’s AI tool for Adobe Express. Explore Adobe’s Firefly 2 Model, setting new standards in AI image creation.

20: Technology, AI, Web3, The metaverse, & The NFT space

AI Unplugged: The Basics And Beyond with NFT LA Live & Howl Labs

1. Rana Gujral – Behavioral Signals
2. REO – NFT artist
3. Science Stanley – Data scientist

1. AI’s applications in Web3, the metaverse, and NFT technologies
2. Human-to-machine interaction
3. Generative AI
4. Data science

Join NFT LA Live’s Twitter Spaces session for insights into AI’s role in Web3, the metaverse, and NFT technologies. Leaders explore groundbreaking developments in human-to-machine interaction, generative AI, data science, and more, revolutionizing the NFT space.

21: Technology, AI, Cloud Computing, Manufacturing, Accounting, Creative Design, & Academia/Research

Baidu’s Ernie 4, Foxconn and Nvidia’s new AI Factory and Adobe’s AI fashion wear – Project Primrose

1. Baidu’s Ernie 4.0 unveiling as a GPT-4 rival
2. Meta’s neuroimaging breakthrough
3. IBM’s extended partnership with AWS
4. Collaborations like Foxconn and Nvidia’s AI factories and Deloitte’s DARTbot5. Adobe’s Project Primrose and insights from a Stanford study on AI transparency

Catch up on Baidu’s Ernie 4.0 unveiling and Meta’s neuroimaging breakthrough. Explore IBM’s extended partnership with AWS, Foxconn and Nvidia’s collaboration, innovative projects like Deloitte’s DARTbot and Adobe’s Project Primrose, and insights from a Stanford study on AI transparency.

22: AI, Art, Creativity, Ethics, & Society

AI’s Role in Society: Lessons Learned at the Edge of AI Season One

1. Ron Levy
2. Josh Kriger

The intersection of AI with various topics such as art, creativity, ethics, and society

Don’t miss Ron and Josh’s recap of Season One highlights and key insights on the Edge of AI podcast, exploring the dynamic intersection of AI with art, creativity, ethics, and society. Tune in to catch up on the intriguing discussions shaping the future of AI.

23: AI, Digital Media, & VCs

Microsoft’s $3.2 Billion AI Investment for Australia, Shutterstock’s New AI-editing Features and CentML’s Recent $27 Million Seed Funding Round
1. Microsoft’s $3.2 billion AI investment for Australia 2. Shutterstock’s new AI-editing features 3. CentML’s recent $27 million seed funding round 4. Other notable developments in the field of AI
Explore the latest developments including Microsoft’s $3.2 billion AI investment for Australia, Shutterstock’s AI-editing features, CentML’s $27 million seed funding round, and other groundbreaking updates. Tune in for a concise update on the evolving landscape of AI innovation.

24: Technology, AI, Blockchain, Music Production, & Enterprise Solutions

Can AI Truly Replicate Human Creativity and Genius? Exploring the Human Side of AI at the Edge of Dubai!

1. Fernando Garibay- Music producer & technologist
2. David Orban
3. Janet Adams – SingularityNET

1. Exploring the mysteries of being human through AI
Insights on decentralization and the limitations of current AI systems2. Introduction of an AI-powered startup coach called Actioneer
3. The role of AI in the enterprise and upcoming advancements in hybrid AI models

Discover insights on humanity through AI, decentralization, and AI’s role in the enterprise. Experience the intersection of technology and culture, providing a captivating insider view into AI today and the human-machine future!

25: Technology, AI, Software Development, & Government-funded Research & Development

Elon Musk’s Generative AI Chatbot Grok, SAP’s New AI offerings to Generate Code and UK Government’s Investment To Create The Most Powerful AI Supercomputer

1. Elon Musk’s generative AI chatbot Grok
2. SAP’s new AI offerings for code generation
3. The UK Government’s £225 million investment in the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer

Explore Elon Musk’s new generative AI chatbot Grok, SAP’s AI code generation offerings, and the UK Government’s investment in the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer. Tune in for insights into the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of AI!

26: Technology, AI, Smartphones, & Software Development

Humane’s AI Pin, Samsung’s AI Model for Galaxy Smartphones and Google’s Partnership with Anthropic

1. Humane’s generative AI device AI pin
2. Samsung’s new AI model for its Galaxy smartphones
3. Google’s partnership with Anthropic to develop AI safety standards

Discover Humane’s AI pin, Samsung’s Galaxy AI model, and Google’s partnership with Anthropic on AI safety standards. Dive into these cutting-edge developments shaping the future of AI!

27: AI

When AI Titans Fall: OpenAI Leadership Overthrown, Microsoft’s Bold AI Gambit, Google Photos Gets Smarter & More at the Edge of AI Dispatch

1. AI Leadership
2. Google Photos

Stay ahead of the curve with the Edge of AI Dispatch, delivering the latest groundbreaking developments in AI straight to your ears. Don’t miss out on staying informed about the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of AI!

28: Technology, AI, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Legal Services, Consulting, Telecommunications, Music, & Video Production

OpenAI’s Secret AI Project Q-Star, Neo4j and AWS’s Plans To Reduce AI Hallucinations and Mediatek’s New AI Chip

1. OpenAI’s secretive “Q-Star” AI project and leadership change
2. Neo4j and AWS collaboration to mitigate AI hallucinations
3. MediaTek’s Dimensity 8300 chip challenging Qualcomm’s Snapdragon
4. Aptus.AI’s $3M raise and Genpact’s London AI Innovation Hub launch

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest in AI including OpenAI’s secretive “Q-Star” project, Neo4j & AWS’s collaborative efforts, MediaTek’s new microchip, and more. Tune in for key takeaways including funding updates, strategic partnerships, and innovative AI advancements shaping the tech landscape!

29: AI, Government initiatives, Private sector innovation, Quantum computing, Blockchain, & Business development

Bridging Realities: Venturing Tomorrow’s Concepts on the Edge of Dubai with the Dubai Future Foundation and BEDU at the Future Blockchain Summit!

1. Ghaith Abdul Rahman – Dubai Future Foundation
2. Amin Alzarouni – B E D U
3. Eman Aleghfeli – B E D U

1. Dubai’s technological innovations
2. Quantum experiments
3. Blockchain advancements

Explore Dubai’s technological frontier and its symbiotic relationship between government and private sector. Learn how Dubai Future Foundation and B E D U harness AI to push boundaries and turn futuristic ideas into viable businesses.

30: Finance, Technology, AI, & Open-source software development

Together AI Proves Strong Investor Appetite, Amazon’s Groundbreaking Chatbot & Why Stability AI is Crumbling – Edge of AI Dispatch by Metaverse Post

1. Stability AI’s financial challenges
2. Amazon’s release of a business chatbot
3. Together AI’s substantial fundraising efforts for open-source AI

Stay updated on Stability AI’s financial issues, Amazon’s new business chatbot, and Together AI’s $100+ million fundraising for open-source AI at the Edge of AI.

31: Technology,AI, & 3D modeling

Google’s New AI Chatbot Gemini, Elon Musk make xAI’s Grok chatbot available to Premium users, Cuebric’s 3D Tech and more!

1. Google’s new chatbot Gemini
2. Elon Musk’s updates on the xAI chatbot Grok
3. Cuebric’s advancements in 3D modeling and environment navigation

Explore the unveiling of Google’s innovative chatbot Gemini, Elon Musk’s advancements with the xAI chatbot Grok, and Cuebric’s significant progress in 3D modeling and environment navigation.

32: AI, , Technology, Music, Semiconductor, & Social media

Stability AI’s Stable Zero123 3D-Image Model, Essential AI’s $56.5M Investment in Indian Large Language Mode and More!

1. Stability AI’s 3D-image model Stable Zero123
2. Essential AI’s investment in the Indian large language model Krutrim
3. LimeWire’s AI Music Studio
4. Intel’s ‘Gaudi3’ chips for generative AI workloads

Discover the latest innovations in AI, including Stability AI’s 3D-image model Stable Zero123 and Essential AI’s investment in the Indian large language model Krutrim. Plus, learn about LimeWire’s AI Music Studio and Intel’s ‘Gaudi3’ chips designed for generative AI workloads

Season 2

Episode # & Industries



Topics Discussed

Episode Summary

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1: AI, Creative industries

Amplifying Creativity Using Advanced AI And Machine Learning At The Edge Of AI Live Podcast

1. Creative Technologist Tomasz Opasiński
2. USC Professor Yan Liu
3. MOCEAN Chief Creative Officer Greg Harrison

1. The potential of AI in creativity
2. The revolutionary impact of advanced AI & ML
3. Reshaping content creation through AI
4. Sparking a new era of innovation in artistry

Discover the transformative power of AI as we delve into its revolutionary impact on creativity and content creation. Tune in for expert insights!

2: Video content creation, Technology

Revolutionizing The Future Of Video Content Creation With Zohar Dayan From Vimeo
Zohar Dayan – Vimeo

1. Vimeo’s new AI-powered video creation suite
2. The role of AI in enhancing creators’ capabilities

Explore Vimeo’s cutting-edge AI-powered video creation suite, democratizing content creation with features like an AI script generator and text-based video editor. Learn how AI enhances creators’ capabilities without replacing them.

3: Technology, Data Analytics, & Business Intelligence

Navigating The Data Universe: A Conversation With Brad Schneider, CEO Of Nomad Data
With Brad Schneider – CEO Of Nomad Data
AI & data exploration

Explore Vimeo’s cutting-edge AI-powered video creation suite, democratizing content creation with features like an AI script generator and text-based video editor. Learn how AI enhances creators’ capabilities without replacing them.

4: Healthcare, Education, AI

Exploring AI Through A Hacker’s Lens And Building New Technologies With Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks

1. AI in healthcare & education,
2. AI accuracy and regulation
3. AI’s transformative potential & societal implications

Explore the potential risks and benefits of AI with a friendly hacker. From AI’s positive impacts on healthcare and education to concerns about accuracy and regulation, delve into the delicate balance of AI’s transformative potential and societal implications.

5: Design, Art, & Technology

Crafting AI-Enhanced Artistry with Exquisite Morphs

1. Anastasiya Kopteva – Exquisite Morphs
2. Mitchell Meislin – Exquisite Morphs

1. Human creativity & AI
2. Generative AI in design
3. The innovative work of Exquisite Morphs

Embark on a captivating journey exploring the fusion of human creativity and AI innovation in this episode of Edge of AI. Dive into the visionary world of Exquisite Morphs, pushing the boundaries of generative AI design.

6: Finance, Digital Innovation, & Data Management

Navigating Data Monetization in the Smart Economy: Deciphering the Future with Michael Clark
Michael Clark – MasterCard

1. AI’s impact on data evolution
2. AI’s impact on data monetization
3. The shifting landscape of data ownership

Explore how AI revolutionizes data. Discover the future of data ownership and AI’s role in personalized guidance and value creation.

7: AI, Gaming, Music

Deep Conversations About AI And Technology With Walter De Brouwer From Snowcrash
Walter De Brouwer – Snowcrash

1. AI in video games
2. The potential for a gamified lifestyle
3. The financial evolution of the music industry

Embark on a thrilling exploration of AI’s expanding realm, from gamified living to the music industry’s financial evolution. This episode offers a concise yet compelling glimpse into the transformative potential of AI across diverse sectors.

8: Insurance industry

Collaboration and Innovation: The Key to Unlocking the Potential of AI in the Insurance Industry with NeuralMetrics’ Marcus Daley
Marcus Daley – NeuralMetrics

1. AI’s influence on insurance
2. Risk intelligence
3. Big data & machine learning

Discover how AI is revolutionizing the insurance sector, eliminating personal bias, and enhancing risk intelligence. Dive into the transformative potential of big data, machine learning, and AI for providing precise risk assessments and quality insights in enterprises.

9: Gaming, Education, & Immersive Media

The Future of Digital Immersion: Exploring the Intersection of AI, Games & Learning with Dr. Liz Owen
Dr. Liz Owen

1. AI in gaming and cognition
2. The transformation of immersive media for enhanced learning experiences
3. The potential for AI to serve as digital teachers in education

Explore the intersection of gaming and cognition in this episode of Edge of AI, where Dr. Elizabeth Owen discusses how AI transforms immersive media for improved learning experiences. Discover the potential for AI to become digital teachers, revolutionizing education as we know it.

10: AI, Web3, Filmmaking

Unleashing Creativity with Cuebric at the Intersection of AI & Web3 for the Future of Filmmaking
Pinar Seyhan Demirdag – co-founder of Cuebric

1. The innovative use of AI in film & image production
2. Partnership between Cuebric & Disguise
3. Exploration of AI consciousness
4. Ethical implications of 5. AI
Potential for AI to revolutionize content creation

Explore the innovative use of AI in film and image production as we delve into AI consciousness, ethical implications, and its potential to revolutionize content creation.

Season 2

Episode # & Industries



Topics Discussed

Episode Summary

Links to Listen & Download

1: Technology, Blockchain, AI, Biotechnology, & NFT

NFTs, Cultural Preservation & AI: Eric Pulier’s Vision for the Future
Eric Pulier – FII Institute & Vatom

1. Ethical implications of exponential technology
2. The convergence of AI with weaponry and biotechnology
3. The ethical considerations in the NFT space

Explore the ethical implications of exponential technology like AI and blockchain with insights from the inventor of NFTs. Delve into the convergence of AI with weaponry and biotechnology, and discover the ethical considerations in the NFT space, all while envisioning a decentralized economy.

2: Music, Technology sector, AI

Inside the Music Tech Revolution: AI, NFTs, and More with Daouda Leonard
Eric Pulier – FII Daouda Leonard – CreateSafe & Vatom
1. AI in the music industry 2. TRINITI platform
Discover the cutting-edge fusion of AI and music NFTs. Explore insights from CreateSafe’s CEO as he unveils the TRINITI platform’s impact on music creation, revenue strategies, and ethical AI practices, reshaping the future of the music industry.

3: Aquaculture, Sustainable food production, & AI-driven technologies in the agriculture sector

Investigating AI-Powered Sustainable Fish Farming with Bryton Shang at Aquabyte
Bryton Shang – Aquabyte

1. Innovations in sustainable fish production
2. AI-driven aquaculture
3. The role of 3D fish modeling in promoting sustainable protein production

Learn how AI and machine learning are reshaping fish farming worldwide, tackling crucial protein shortages, and delve into the innovative technology behind 3D fish modeling for sustainable protein production.

4: Finance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology,, & Financial analytics

AI is Revolutionizing Financial Markets: Building Efficient AI-Driven Financial Infrastructure with Upshot
Nick Emmons – CEO of Upshot

1. AI & cryptocurrency
2. Financial analytics
3. Blockchain technology
4. Advancements in ZKML

1. AI & cryptocurrency
2. Financial analytics
3. Blockchain technology
4. Advancements in ZKML

5: AI, Technology, & Regulatory compliance

Unveiling Sentient Intelligence in AI: Ensuring Ethical Design from Inception to Outcome with VERSES
Inês Hipolito – VERSES

1. Active inference
2. Nature-inspired AI systems
3. Regulation and ethics in AI
4. The evolving landscape of AI ethics

Explore the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence with insights from VERSES, exploring breakthroughs in creating intelligent ecosystems and fostering ethical AI. Explore active inference, nature-inspired AI, and the evolving landscape of AI ethics.

6: Animation, Motion Capture, Blockchain, & various sectors impacted by MoveAI's technology

How MoveAI’s AI-Powered Motion Capture Democratizes Animation Creation
Niall Hendry – MoveAI

1. AI’s impact on animation & motion capture
2. Blockchain’s role in protecting NFT intellectual property
3. MoveAI’s technology applications across industries

Explore the future of animation and motion capture technology with insights from MoveAI. Discover how AI democratizes 3D animation, addresses IP rights in the NFT realm, and expands into diverse industry applications.

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