Edge of AI

Learning About Data Evolution With Michael Clark

Edge Of AI | Michael Clark | Data Evolution

  AI is set to disrupt a lot of things, and fueling the data evolution is one of them. In this episode, Michael Clark from MasterCard, a trailblazer in the domains of data, future value, and digital innovation, shares what he learned from two decades of experience and their recent forays into the world of […]

Navigating The Data Universe: A Conversation With Brad Schneider, CEO Of Nomad Data

EOA S2 1 | Nomad Data

  Unlock the limitless potential of AI in the data universe in this riveting episode of Edge of AI. Join us as we delve into how AI revolutionizes data exploration, supercharges information discovery, and propels businesses forward. Our guide through this AI data frontier is Brad Schneider, founder of Nomad Data, and the mind behind […]

Bridging Realities: Venturing Tomorrow’s Concepts On The Edge Of Dubai

EOA 26 | Dubai

  Dubai is not just a city; it’s a technological frontier, shaping the future of innovation and artificial intelligence. Joined by Ghaith Abdul Rahman from the Dubai Future Foundation and Amin Alzarouni and Eman Aleghfeli of B E D U, we delve into the symbiotic relationship between the Dubai government and the private sector, propelling […]

Social Fashion Driven By AI With Chris Schmidt Of Parallel

EOA Chris Schmidt | Online Clothes Shopping

  How mature do you think online clothes shopping is right now? You’d think it’s pretty advanced, until you run into the problem of getting your size right. That’s right! A lot of online shoppers struggle with finding the right clothes for their body measurements, and fashion companies having 10 different ideas of small, medium […]

AI vs. AI In The Fight Against Deep Fakes, Feat. Joris Mollinga Of DuckDuckGoose

EOA Joris Mollinga | Deep Fakes

  Any of you that have been involved with AI or been utilizing know that deepfakes are an ongoing issue, so we’re bringing in someone who can speak in detail about this topic. Joris Mollinga is the co-founder of Duck Duck Goose, a platform that offers advanced solutions to protect against deep fake videos and […]

Mastering Midjourney With Galen Oakes Of Future Factory

EOA Galen Oakes | Midjourney

  AI is here and it’s not going away. You can either live in fear of what it might do, or learn to work with it and be more powerful in the process. Our first guest for this podcast chooses the latter. Galen Oakes is the new Creative Director at Future Factory, where he helps […]